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For Sale: Tipton Grocery

For Sale:  Tipton Grocery

Tipton Grocery is up for sale, and Fred and Vali Smith want to keep the community informed on the progress.  They understand how critical the store is to the community and will do their best to make a good transition.  It is their intention to be out by November of 2022.

There have been several inquiries since the Smiths first announced their pending retirement.  An information sheet is being put together for serious inquiries.  These will be available at the store after the appraisal work is complete.  Please leave your information with Vali.  Out of state relatives and friends may call the store (785)373-4125 to have the information sheet sent to you.  All inquiries will be treated confidentially.

The time frame is for the local community and their extended family (as covered in the Tipton Times) to have the first opportunity to buy the store.  After that, it will be listed with a commercial realtor.  Finally, if by November of 2022 is has not sold, it will go to a liquidation auction and sale.  The Smiths have worked hard for over thirty years to build this successful business and would like to see it go to someone connected to Tipton.

Last Updated ( October 10, 2021 )