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Tipton City Council Minutes Nov. 1, 2021

CITY OF TIPTON – CITY COUNCIL MEETING – Monday, November 1, 2021

The regular meeting of the Tipton City Council was held at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, November 1, 2021 at City Hall.   This meeting served as the Public Hearing for the Neighborhood Revitalization Program to be renewed in January 2022.  Those present were Mayor-Braden Hake, City Clerk Brigit Gasper, City Superintendent - Rod Barker, and City Council members – Jarrod Shivers, Michael Ohnsat, Mark Towner and Jessica Krier. Council member Lisa Hake was absent. Also present was Doug Palen from NCK Outdoors Inc. and John McClure, Mayor of Osborne, bike shop owner and enthusiast. Adrian Arnoldy, Tipton citizen was also present.

Mayor Braden Hake called the meeting to order.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  Council members approved the minutes for the regular meeting held on October 4, 2021. 

Neighborhood Revitalization Program   will be renewed for 2022-2024, per unanimous vote after motion was made by Jessica Krier to renew the program; seconded by Mark Towner.  The adopting resolution will be signed.

The clerk applied 6 late fees; 1 letter was sent; 5 full payments and 1 partial payment were received.

The Clerk reviewed the October disbursements in the amount of $18,603.93 and receipts in the amount of $22,571.33.  The 2021 Year-to-Date Fund Balances were reviewed. The grand total of the fund balances is up year-to-date.  Local sales tax receipts are up for October with the total October tax amount receipt being $5084.49.

Mark Towner made a motion to pay the bills; motion was seconded by Michael Ohnsat and approved by all.

Election is on Tuesday, Nov. 2 for Mayor and 2 councilmember positions.  Lisa Hake is not running again; Sara Dilley is a write-in candidate for City Council as is Michael Ohnsat.  Braden Hake is a write-in candidate for Mayor.

Doug Palen gave a presentation on a project for a bike trail on the city ground that is south of Tipton.  He gave a short bio on Nat Lopes of HILRIDE Progression Development Group and they are interested in

Designing and constructing a small trail south of Tipton.  Nat is coming to visit the area on November 15 and will be planning on work for Chautauqua Park in Beloit, the river trails in Osborne and will be doing some improvements at the Cruise the Blues trails.   They envision the Tipton project would serve as a model for other regional and state efforts in establishing bike trails. The project will include professional design and construction of the trail, bridges for safe creek crossings, design and installation of a high quality trailhead kiosk, and visible and durable trailway signage.   Nat and Doug developed a budget for the completion of the Tipton project and estimate that donations and volunteer community labor and machinery service would cover a good portion of the project cost of $10,000.00 with the primary expenses being the professional services and the materials.  He was asking if the City of Tipton could invest $1,500 in the project.  After discussion with Doug Palen and John McClure on the maintenance and liability concerns, Jessica Krier made a motion and Jarrod Shivers seconded the motion that the City pay $1,000.00 toward material costs and/or signage for the project since the city superintendent, Rod Barker will be doing the maintenance, mowing, and spraying on the trail.  The trail would provide a safe place to ride in addition to being a good walking trail. Liability would be the same as the park.  Signage will be used for instruction/safety.  All were in favor. The work on the trail will begin around Nov. 15 with a work day being held Nov. 20.  

Rock prices were discussed as Rod has received prices from APAC. Availability is still an issue even though contracts are signed.  He will also contact Abram’s in Beloit as to rock availability and prices.

Rod also presented quotes to the board for work to be done on the water tower for monitoring the water tower levels with alarm systems with dial up or cloud based.  Water usage could be charted.   These quotes were from a different company than the previous quote.  Quotes were reviewed and discussion was held.  No action was taken.

Brigit reported that she worked with Vali Smith at Tipton Grocery to enroll in Technical Assistance for Grocery Stores in NC Kansas.  Tipton Grocery is waiting to see if they were accepted in the program that is being offered through the North Central Kansas Regional Planning Commission.  Legacy/transition planning is the focus of the Tipton Grocery’s plan. 

Brigit will contact Dunstan Trucking to send an updated contract for review and signatures.  In an earlier telephone conversation with Tyler, they will provide trash and refuse collection for the existing price of $21.70 per homeowner for 5 years.  The service will remain the same with trash being picked up every week and the recycle picked up every other week.

American Rescue Plan ACT Funds that were received now have a change in the date that the first preliminary report needs to be filed; the new date is April 30, 2022.  There was also an additional $87.10 received from an adjustment to all funds that were disbursed to communities.

It was reported that the quarterly Utility Service payment for the water tower will be due on November 1, 2021 in the amount of $7747.25.  The final work has still not been completed.  Brigit will contact Utility Service to find out when this will be completed prior to sending the payment.

Jarrod Shivers from the Tipton Fire Department reported that the department had received $2,500 from Peoples Bank per a request from employee, Linda Streit.  Employees were to designate their choice of the recipient of the funds and Linda designated the Fire Department.  The department also received $500 from Robert Ulom for their assistance at the fire at his shop.

Rod reported that the football field grass came up well and watering is being done. The water usage will be monitored.

Adrian Arnoldy discussed the current water tower system and the differences in the system that he had in place when he was mayor and the bids that Rod Barker has obtained for the water tower monitoring.  Adrian also discussed the sewer pumps and mechanism and had obtained a bid for replacing this.  He discussed his concern regarding the heating and air conditioning system at the Café and concern on trees being too close to power lines.  After considerable discussion, no action was taken.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:00 p.m.  Next meeting will be Monday, December 6, 2021 at 7:30 p.m.


                                                                                                    Brigit Gasper, City Clerk       

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