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Tipton City Council Meeting held December 6, 2021

CITY OF TIPTON – CITY COUNCIL MEETING – Monday, December 6, 2021

The regular meeting of the Tipton City Council was held at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, December 6, 2021 at City Hall.   Those present were Mayor-Braden Hake, City Clerk Brigit Gasper, City Superintendent - Rod Barker, and City Council members – Jarrod Shivers, Michael Ohnsat, Mark Towner, and Jessica Krier. Also present was newly elected council member, Sara Dilley. Also present was Doug Palen from NCK Outdoors Inc.

Mayor Braden Hake called the meeting to order.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  Sara Dilley recited the oath of office as the newly elected City of Tipton Council member.  Mayor Braden Hake welcomed Sara to the city council. 

Doug Palen of NCK Outdoors, Inc. was present to give an update on the Tipton Woods Trail.  The work on the trail is 95% complete.  The bridges turned out very well, but need additional materials and labor to make them safe and durable due to weather, location and structure needs.  There are plans for signage to name the trails and trail distance markers which still need to be installed along with a roof for the kiosk. He thanked the council for their support in addition to the support of volunteers and contractors with their donations of time and commitment of machinery use and labor. Monetary and material donations to be used toward the project have  also been received and are extremely appreciated.  Additional donations are welcome so that the final touches can be put on the trail and bridges to complete the project.  Donations can be made to NCK Outdoors, Inc. and given to city council members Jessica Krier, Michael Ohnsat, Sara Dilley, Mark Towner, Jarrod Shivers, Mayor Braden Hake, or City Clerk Brigit Gasper.  These will be sent to NCK Outdoors.  Donations can also be made payable to NCK Outdoors, Inc. and mailed to the City of Tipton PO Box 22, Tipton, KS.

The Neighborhood Revitalization Program   will be renewed for 2022-2024 as voted on in the November meeting.  Jessica Krier moved and Mark Towner Seconded that Resolution NRP 11012021 be adopted; approved by all.    Resolution NRP 11012021 was signed by Mayor Braden Hake and attested by Brigit Gasper, City Clerk to adopt the Neighborhood Revitalization Plan which is being renewed for 2 years.  A copy of the resolution was mailed to Heather Hartman, who is still serving as Economic Development Director until January 1, 2022.  She will then have the Interlocal Agreement completed and submit to the Secretary of State.  The new Solomon Valley Economic Development Director will be Emily Benedick.

Brigit reported on utility bills.  She applied 6 late fees; 3 letters were sent; 5 full payments and 1 partial payment were received.

Brigit reviewed in detail the November disbursements in the amount of $20,526.41 and receipts in the amount of $15,868.26.  The 2021 Year-to-Date Fund Balances and budget were reviewed and discussion was held on upcoming receipts for the funds. The alcohol tax that is received quarterly during the year is split between the general and park funds.  Towards the end of December, the portion that went to the General Fund will be transferred to the Park Fund as has been done in the past.  This amount is $1038.45. The grand total of the fund balances is up year-to-date.   Local sales tax receipts are down for November with the total tax amount receipt being $3,892.04.  Payment was received from Smith Construction in Scottsville for iron and steel that was excavated from city property.  Discussion was held on this receipt; Mark Towner moved and Jessica Krier seconded that the city send $1,000.00 to NCK Outdoors, Inc. to go towards the trail project; approved by all.  Jarrod Shivers moved and Jessica Krier seconded to pay bills; approved by all.

City Appointments and wages were reviewed.  All appointments will remain the same.  Wages were discussed and Jarrod Shivers moved and Mark Towner seconded a 3% wage increase. Rod Barker, City Superintendent; Pat Allen, Librarian; and Lisa Shivers, Treasurer received a 3% wage increase.  Brigit Gasper, City Clerk declined the wage increase since increase was given when former clerk, Joanne Brummer was fully retired.  Wage increase approved by all.

Mayor Braden Hake spoke with Jeff Holling from CVA and CVA no longer has the need to lease the small strip of city property due to the bunkers that they have available.  The lease will not be renewed and the property will be used in conjunction with the Tipton Woods Trail.

The Cereal Malt Beverage License for Tipton Grocery is due January 1, 2022.  Jarrod Shivers moved and Michael Ohnsat seconded approving the CMB license for Tipton Grocery for the period January 1, 2022 thru December 31, 2022; approved by all.  Brigit will prepare the application, monthly report, and license for the Tipton Grocery and obtain signatures and send to Topeka. 

Brigit reported that the City of Tipton received the Gold Star Certificate from KMIT for the Loss Prevention Certification Program. The council thanked Rod for his efforts in obtaining this status.

Brigit has contacted Dunstan Trucking to send an updated contract for signatures.  In an earlier telephone conversation with Tyler, they will provide trash and refuse collection for the existing price of $21.70 per homeowner for 5 years.  The service will remain the same with trash being picked up every week and the recycle picked up every other week. She will follow up with Tyler Dunstan if contract is not received shortly.

Discussion was held on the possibility of putting in pedistals for RV’s by the Tipton Woods Trail.  Appropriate locations and details were discussed.  This will be investigated further and Rod will check on pricing for pedistals.

It was reported that the quarterly Utility Service payment for the water tower that was due on November 1, 2021 in the amount of $7747.25 has not been paid due to the final work that has still not been completed.  Brigit has contacted Jim Jackson at Utility Service to find out when this will be completed prior to sending the payment. He responded back that he would check the information that they have and get back to her.  She has not received a response since the email on November 18, 2021.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.  Next meeting will be Monday, January 3, 2022 at 7:30 p.m.                                           

                                                                                                    Brigit Gasper, City Clerk       

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