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Tipton City Council Meeting held May 2, 2022

               CITY OF TIPTON – CITY COUNCIL MEETING – Monday, May 2, 2022

The regular meeting of the Tipton City Council was held at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, May 2, 2022 at City Hall.   Those present were Mayor-Braden Hake, City Clerk Brigit Gasper, City Superintendent - Rod Barker, and City Council members – Jarrod Shivers, Michael Ohnsat, Mark Towner,  Sara Dilley, and Jessica Krier.  John Atkins and Kenzie Griffeths from Prairie Land Electric Cooperative were also present.

Mayor Braden Hake called the meeting to order.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. 

Minutes from the April 3, 2022 meeting were reviewed and approved.

John Atkins, accompanied by Kenzie Griffeths from Prairie Land Electric were present to go over the Franchise Fee Agreement that is up for renewal.  John went over the details of the franchise agreement and explained the process for renewal.  Discussion was held regarding the 5% franchise fee that is charged to Prairie Land customers and whether this fee should be raised with the renewal of the agreement.  It was decided by the council to remain with the current 5% franchise fee with no increase in the franchise fee that the City of Tipton residential and commercial customers are charged.  Ordinance 784 for granting a Franchise Agreement with Prairie Land Electric Cooperative was read; discussion held.  Sara Dilley made the motion to approve Ordinance 784; Jessica Krier seconded. Motion carried.

Braden Hake reported that signs have been installed at Tipton Woods Trail at the kiosk and on the west bridge and are a great addition to the trail.   Signs were made possible from a grant received from the Solomon Valley Community Foundation and were installed with volunteers.  Guidelines for the trail were discussed.  No further action was taken.

Brigit gave an update on the utility bills and 3 late fees charged. There were no disconnect letters issued and there were 3 full payments received.

Total April receipts were $15605.11 and disbursements were $20097.57.  Sales tax was steady in April with the amount received being $4717.16.  Bills and receipts for April were discussed reviewed.  A check will be mailed to Utility Service in the amount of $7747.25 for payment on the water tower project since work on the tower base was done. Hometown Insurance is adding liability insurance to the farm land and bike trail as requested.  Amount of additional premium is $208.00.   Mark Towner moved that the bills be paid; Jessica Krier seconded. Motion passed.

A utility customer needed a sewer lid cover and ring to replace one that was broken by one of their employees.  Rod had one available that they will install.  Invoice will be sent out for ring and lid.

KDHE held Wastewater Inspection with Rod Barker.  The wastewater facility was in compliance, but it was suggested that the primary cell showed some signs of erosion on the east and south banks.  Brigit mentioned that there may be some funds available to help with this.  She will research information from KDHE and Infrastructure Project funds to see what is available.

KMIT representative Cole Jost met with Rod Barker and Brigit Gasper to discuss the KMIT Loss Prevention Certification Program and go over the safety measures being done by the city.  After reviewing the 2022 Loss Prevention Questionnaire, it was determined that the City of Tipton is in the Gold category for premium reduction.  The Safety Handbooks have been updated with all required policies.

Brigit reminded the council that she will be sending out the consumer confidence report and it was decided that it will be sent out separately from water bills to avoid confusion.

Lease agreements will be sent out for Farm Leases for signatures.

The Utility Service quote for the riser frost jacket and installation has been signed and sent to Utility Service.  The quote amount was $23,475.00 which includes all labor, materials, and dumpster to complete the job.  Rod will be contacted by Utility Service regarding a start day on the work.

Brigit reported that the required reporting for the ARPA funds that have been received has been completed.  Reporting will need to be done annually.

Floodplain mapping information was received and there will be an email sent regarding a Zoom meeting that will take place to explain the mapping.  There is no floodplain in the city limits of Tipton.

It was reported that the Murals of Mitchell County is currently accepting funding for the murals.  The Solomon Valley Community Foundation is providing grant funds to start off the fundraising efforts.  Mural committee members are helping with fundraising and finding appropriate locations for the murals.  The goal is to have a mural in each town in Mitchell County.  Murals will be painted walls of businesses with the appropriate wall structure.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, June 7, 2022 at 7:30 pm due to all council members and Mayor having conflict with home ball games taking place on Monday, June 6, 2022. This change will be posted.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.

 Brigit Gasper                                                                                                                                  City Clerk                                                                                               


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