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Tipton City Council Meeting Held August 7, 2023


The regular meeting of the Tipton City Council was held at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, August 7, 2023 at City Hall.   Those present were Mayor-Braden Hake, City Clerk Brigit Gasper, City Superintendent Rod Barker and City Council members – Jarrod Shivers, Mark Towner and Sara Dilley.   Jessica Krier and Michael Ohnsat were absent. Ben Avery was also present.

Mayor Braden Hake called the meeting to order.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. 

Minutes from the July 3, 2023 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Brigit gave an update on the utility bills. There were 8 late fees charged, 5 letters sent, and 7 full payments received. There is one pending payment due August 10 to avoid a disconnect.

The sales tax receipt for July was $5982.12.  The State of Kansas Tax distribution received was $1328.38 and Prairie Land Electric issued the city a check in the amount of $7824.21 for Franchise Fees. 

Receipts for July were $30,273.37 and disbursements were $25,537.10 to date.   Receipts and bills were reviewed.  The general ledger report balances were reviewed. Sara Dilley made the motion to pay the bills; Mark Towner seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

This meeting serves as the Annual Budget Hearing for the 2024 Budget as published in the Beloit Call on July 14, 2023.

Brigit went over the prepared 2024 Budget and reviewed it with the general ledger for the current year.  Fund expenditures and future costs were discussed.  Motion was made to approve the 2024 Budget by Mark Towner; motion seconded by Sara Dilley.  Motion carried.

The CMB License application for Brandi and Andrew Shirack, soon to be owners of Tipton Grocery was received.  Motion to approve the CMB License for Brandi Shirack DBA Tipton Grocery was made by Jarrod Shivers; Mark Towner seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

A public notice was received by the City of Tipton and by some of the residents of Tipton for Proposed Kansas Water Pollution Control Permits for the area.  It has been posted in the City Building.  Any comments regarding the proposed permits need to be sent to the Bureau of Environmental Field Service office in Topeka, Kansas by August 12.

Brigit reported that the water capacity survey for KDHE was completed and the City Library hours will be 8:30 – 12 noon starting Thursday, August 10.  

Rod worked on repairs and updates in the bathrooms in the park and made huge improvements.  Comments were received by several on the council in regards to how nice the park looked for the annual St. Boniface Church Picnic.  The murals were used by several attending the annual picnic for photographs. 

The concession stand building at the ball field that was used for the St. Boniface Picnic was primed by Mark Towner and his family and was completed with painting done by Aaron Gasper of the Tipton Lion’s Club.  Comments were made on the big improvement of the concession stand exterior.

Braden Hake, Mayor reported he is moving out of the City Limits so will not be able to fulfill his term expiring in 2025 as the Mayor of Tipton and this would be his last meeting as Mayor.  The President of the Council, Jarrod Shivers, took over as Mayor and recited and signed the oath of office for the Mayor of Tipton.  New Mayor Jarrod Shivers appointed Ben Avery to fill his position expiring the end of 2023 as City Council Member.  Ben Avery recited the oath of office for City Council Member and signed the oath of office for City Council.  Mayor Jarrod Shivers conducted the election for the Council President position vacated when he took the office of Mayor.  Mark Towner was elected unanimously to serve as City Council President. 

Outgoing Mayor, Braden Hake, was thanked for all of the work he did in town and the many projects that he spearheaded and implemented while he was on the council and as Mayor.  All agreed that his ideas hugely benefited the City of Tipton.

Mayor Jarrod Shivers asked for reports from other council members and Superintendent Rod Barker.  Rod reported that the city truck will need to have the brakes looked at before using for street work.  Discussion was held on cost and materials and equipment needed for upcoming street work which will be done in the next few weeks. 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm and the next meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 5, 2023 at 7:30 pm.

Brigit Gasper

City Clerk                                                                                               

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