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Solomon Valley Community Foundation Grant Received

A grant was received from the Solomon Valley Community Foundation in the amount of Five Thousand dollars for installation of a new entry door system and repair work on the exerior brick wall structure of the Tipton Community Center.  The Tipton Knights of Columbus is responsible for maintaining the building and is overseeing the repair project.  This building is one of the most important buildings in the Tipton community, being used for many functions including organizational meetings, sporting events, wedding receptions and funeral dinners in addition to Senior Meals, blood drives and is the polling location for elections.  

The entire community benefits from activities made possible because of the availability of the Tipton Community Center.  The grant funds are extremely appreciated to help with the extensive repair project which will ensure the continuation of high community involvement in the activities taking place in Tipton.  Volunteers will also be helping with the project by assisting with items when a contractor is not required.  

The funds that the community of Tipton has received from the Solomon Valley Community Foundation over many years have been instrumental in helping to continue having an active and involved community in Mitchell county with many viable businesses and amenities. 

Last Updated ( March 08, 2024 )